Staging Your Home

"Opening Doors Since 1985"

A stage is a place of imagination, a place actors and actresses put their best foot forward to take you into their world and make you believe in them. So when it comes to staging, you want the buyers to believe they can make your home their home. The ultimate goal is to sell the home. Doesn't that sound great? Here are a few suggestions to staging your home.

1. De-Clutter! - Your stuff may not be appealing to potential buyers. They may even think it looks "junkie" and that is not an impression you want of your home. Donate what you do not need, remove books from the bookcases, pack up little trinkets, clean the kitchen counters. Put all daily needed things in a small box in a drawer. Consider this the first step to moving.

2. Organize closets and cabinets - Be aware that buyers like storage space and will open your cabinets and closets. If the buyers see that you take time to organize your closets and cabinets, then he or she will assume you have taken just as much care of the rest of the home.

3. Don't Personalize! - Take time to pack any family photos and heirlooms. A buyer may not see past personal effects. In no way do you want a distracted buyer. You want a clean canvas so that  potential new owners can see their own photos and personal effects decorating the home.

4. Say Good-Bye and don't look back. - Say to yourself "This is not where I love any longer. It is a product to be sold." You need to let go of all the emotional aspects of the house. Accept the fact it will not be yours much longer. See yourself handing the keys over.

5. Make the house shine like a new penny! - Wash the windows, pressure wash the sidewalks and exterior, get rid of cobwebs, wax floors, and vacuum carpets, clean grout and hang up fresh towels. Keep the house smelling fresh and clean for showings. Pet smell and hair is a no-no!

6. Be Critical - Imagine yourself as the buyer coming in for the first time. Look around, smell the air, snoop. Fix what you would not like if you were the buyer.

7. Curb appeal is the key to making the  right first impression - De-clutter the yard of toys and unnecessary lawn furniture, trim the bushes,and  paint faded trim. Plant some yellow inexpensive flowers like marigolds. Don't forget your deck and the backyard.

8. Lastly, remember Moody Realty is here to lead you in the right direction. If you have any questions about selling or listing your home, call us at 205-640-7671.